Thermaling tips for paraglider pilots (part 2 of 4)

Thermaling tips for paraglider pilots (part 2 of 4)

Posted on 03/15/2019

Join Flybubble Paragliding some more thermaling tips for paraglider pilots. In this series, Nancy Elliott and Carlo Borsattino from Flybubble provide in-flight commentary as they climb out on their paragliders, get to cloudbase, plan ahead, identify good cumulus, use the ground to identify lift patterns, wait at cloudbase, avoid other gliders and regroup to fly XC together.

In this second episode, Carlo Borsattino provides in-flight commentary as he tries to climb out on his paraglider. Learn from an expert thermaler how to look out for lift, identify the best part of the thermal, work with other pilots, and much more.

There are so many tips in this one, it's worth watching a few times to note all the little things Carlo does that work together to consistently get him up to cloudbase.

Sorry about the loud vario sounds - although it helps you to clearly map the lift he is encountering, placing the microphone on the flight deck right beside the vario has boosted the vario volume. Carlo also has two instruments going simultaneously as he is testing one unit (Skytraxx 3.0) against his reference unit (Naviter Oudie 4). Once you adjust to the 'audio language' you'll realise that it is describing the bit you can't feel (the vertical movement he is experiencing) which can help you understand what he is doing with the controls.

Watch the whole series to learn more:
1. Nancy, circling, coring and control
2. Carlo, how to climb out and get up:
3. Carlo, looking for signs of lift:
4. Carlo, cloudbase and planning ahead:

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Gear list
Wing: Supair STEP - review:
Harness: Supair DELIGHT 3 - review:
Vario: Naviter OUDIE 4 - reviews:
Vario: Skytraxx 3.0 - reviews:

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