Filming in Flight (Paragliding with a video camera)

Filming in Flight (Paragliding with a video camera)

Posted on 10/28/2018

Paragliding with a video camera can be challenging. How do you set it up for best results? What kind of camera should you use? What paragliding camera mount? Chase cam, 360 video or traditional GoPro helmet cam footage? We explore the options and best ways to paraglide with a video camera to get epic aerial filming and action sports video that you'll be proud to show off on Youtube.

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GoPro HERO 7 Black
GoPro HERO 4 Black
Insta360 ONE X
Insta360 ONE
Sony FDR-X3000
GoPro foot clip
Flexible tripod
Riser mount
Backpack clip
Gimbal Feiyu Tech G6
Gimbal Gopro Karma Grip
Skybean Chasecam
STEADXP camera stabilization

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