« Wingmaster », 11 hours of video to improve your paragliding practice

« Wingmaster », 11 hours of video to improve your paragliding practice

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Learn more about all your paragliding techniques with Jérôme Canaud

WINGMASTER is the first “e-Masterclass” in the paragliding universe. Because of the success of this 100% online and 100% video platform, which has been available in French for 2 years, the creators

Sébastien Turay (television producer, aeronautical journalist) and Jérôme Canaud, (paragliding professional with an impressive career), decided to offer an English version.

They point out that this is not a product intended to replace a paragliding school learning but it is indeed a precious complement which allows you to quietly review at home the tecniques discussed with a professional instructor in the context of a school.

We often forget that the paraglider requires continuous training. No flying machine is exempt from this rule

An innovative and very effective educational tool: clear explanations and very professional videos!

The « Wingmaster » platform proves to be an excellent educational tool, complementary to traditional teaching, thanks to the large video means used: the shots from various angles allow to easily follow Jerome’s gestures in flight and the realization in post-production greatly helps in understanding the advice given. Through the videos, we find Jérôme’s great experience and educational qualities. We hadn’t yet seen such good tutorials in English!

Presentation of the WINGMASTER paragliding training platform

In this free access video, discover the advantages that WINGMASTER can bring to you by constantly updating your practice.

21 episodes on the ground and in flight to improve its practice and safety. To watch again and again !

The 21 chapters of Wingmaster are intended for beginners but also for all leisure pilots who wish to improve their progression and their safety in flight. With more than 11 hours of video (up to 8 cameras in flight), this platform is a great way to progress, upgrade and improve your security. On the program: takeoff, approach, landing, inflation on the ground, incidents … And all this for the price of a day of training in school!

Jérôme takes up in his tutorials techniques that he teaches daily in his paragliding school or that he regularly provides to the autonomous pilots he meets.

He explains and clearly shows all the techniques of paragliding, and we can see him practicing from the best angles. Short texts highlight actions or provide information and graphics facilitate understanding …

All training topics are covered. For autonomous pilots, Jérôme offers to « see again all the techniques that have been forgotten or done approximately or even because some techniques have evolved with the equipment » and also deals with subjects that are close to his heart such as safety!

To consume without moderation !

Wingmaster lessons is cut to help you progress

The 21 chapters of Wingmaster deal with the following subjects: all inflation techniques, wind and windless takeoffs, facing the wing and back sail, approach and landing techniques, flight incidents and how to manage them as well as rapid descents.

Other chapters deal with what happens when you open your reserve parachute and how to fold it very easily. Each chapter of flight advice is alternated with another of ground advice such as how to fold your wing, how to untangle effectively.

Paragliding requires continuous training like any other aerial activity.

You can see for yourself from the video presentation, WINGMASTER is not only for beginners but also for all « leisure » paragliders (up to the BPC and even beyond!).

The observation is clear: you have to regularly review your flight techniques and update your practice. Paragliding requires continuous training, like any other aerial activity, which we forget too often. Some practitioners do not dare, for example, to do an internship or ask an instructor to review some techniques. WINGMASTER is an essential complement to pilot training.

Wingmaster is not a course or even training. These are all the techniques that I use personally and that I recommend in my internships to fly well safely: the right gestures, the right positions and the right techniques.

With up to 8 cameras in flight, you will be a privileged spectator

When you train, you know: you are the only one in the air on a radio link with the ground or in an educational two-seater. With Wingmaster, for the first time, you will be on board with me and I will show you everything you need to know. You will be a privileged spectator because in flight I have up to 8 cameras, you will not miss any of my gestures!

Jérôme Canaud

Jérôme Canaud

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